Lego Technic Terex RH400 Excavator

The Elves, buoyed by their recent scoop of 2014’s Technic 42029, are feeling quite Technic-y at present. They don’t understand how Technic works most of the time, but they do have enormous fun playing with it. Especially when it’s something as big as this; a monster Terex RH400 mining excavator by Russian builder Sheo.

Powered by a total of nine Power Functions motors Sheo’s magnificent mining creation can drive, steer, rotate, raise and lower the boom, open and close the bucket, and – if you’re a Lego Car Blog Elf – run down a colleague and squash them into the office carpet. All this and it’s only mini-figure scale! You can see all the photos, videos and technical details of the Terex on Eurobricks via the link above.

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