F1 2014

Lego Ferrari F1 2014

It’s nearly here! The 2014 Formula 1 season is almost upon us, and Nathanael L is getting is us ready with his excellent Model Team version of Ferrari’s 2014 title challenger.

Replicating the real Ferrari F14 T, Nathanael has included all of the new regulation-changed aspects of the 2014 cars;

First up is the new power-train, a 1.6 litre V6 turbo with an energy recovery system. Suddenly the Toyota Prius just got a little bit cooler eh? This we like, although we’d like it more still if Formula 1 allowed a free reign in engine capacity, induction and fuel type, much like Le Mans does. Note to Bernie Ecclestone: If you want to encourage more than three engine manufacturers into the sport you’ve got to give them freedom to work to their strengths.

Lego Ferarri F1 2014

Next, the exhaust must exit high and centrally, with the lower plain of the rear wing removed. This means no more ‘blown diffusers’, and a headache for Red Bull.

Lego 2014 F1

The last of the key changes to the regulations for this year sees the front wings narrow and the nose drop, with the aim of reducing downforce and also reducing the chances of a car riding over the top of another in an impact. This, we don’t like. Safety is a good thing, but if the result is the world’s ugliest race car (and there have been no injuries or deaths from an incident of the type aimed at being prevented for decades) perhaps there’s a better way to improve it. The Ferrari F14 T actually has a reasonably elegant solution compared to many of the other cars on the grid, but will it be quick?

Finally, there will be double points awarded in the last race of the season, because – as far as we can tell – Bernie Ecclestone has gone quite mad.

The action starts in Melbourne, Australia on the 14th of March. Will Sebastien Vettel continue his dominance? Will the new turbocharged engines blow up? Will Bernie be jailed for his fraud and corruption charges? Only one month to go!

You can see all the (brilliant) photos of Nathanael L’s Ferrari F14 T on both Flickr and MOCpages.

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