Six Pack

Lego Trucks

Following on from Dennis Bosman‘s incredible Kenworth Wrecker and his Master MOCer interview published yesterday, the Elves are feeling quite trucky; one of them arrived back at The Lego Car Blog Towers this morning with no less than six amazing trucks!

So, six meal tokens for the lucky Elf? Er, no. You see we’ve featured several of these trucks here at TLCB before, but builder Andrea Lattanzio (aka Norton74) has recently posted all six of his current creations together in one awesome six pack group shot. We tried to think of other good things that come in sixes but ran out after beer, eggs and iced buns.

See all six of his brilliant ’80s and ’90s European trucks by clicking the links to MOCpages and Flickr in the text above.

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2 thoughts on “Six Pack

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  2. […] Volkswagen’s Transporter is one of the most heavily modified vehicles ever made, so it’s a little surprising that LEGO’s own superb 10220 Volkswagen T1 set doesn’t seem to have followed suit. After all, LEGO is designed for modifying! We think it’s probably due to boring collectors being boring. Anyway, one builder who’s got his 10220 out of the box and had some fun with it is Norton74, a previous TLCB regular with his fantastic trucks. […]


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