Swiss Jeep

Lego Jeep CJ

We’re don’t think there are many old Jeeps in Switzerland. Clocks, chocolate, bankers and other stereotypes sure, but probably not Jeeps. Anyway, this mini-figure has taken his Jeep CJ to the Swiss Alps and it looks rather at home. Ewald Straßmann aka Brick Pimp is the builder, and you can see more here.

Lego Jeep CJ

3 thoughts on “Swiss Jeep

  1. Staabi

    Hi, in fact, there are quite a lot of old Jeeps in Switzerland. The swiss army used many CJ-3, CJ-3b and CJ-5 and there are also quite a few non-military used early Flatfenders in Switzerland. I would say, if you search for an old Jeep in Europe, search in Switzerland. Cool Lego-Jeep, and, btw, like the blog very much. Keep up the fantastic work!

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