Rainbow Warrior Picture Special

Lego Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior 3

This astonishing ship comes from Flickr’s Konajra, who appeared here last week with this, and who has now reconstructed one of the world’s most iconic vessels in Lego form. It is of course, the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior.

This is Greenpeace’s third Rainbow Warrior ship and the first to be purpose-built for the charity. As you would expect (although certainly not the case with the ship’s predecessors), Rainbow Warrior III is one of the greenest ships afloat – and not just in colour. Launched in 2011 the ship mostly functions as a sailing yacht, with additional hybrid propulsion used when necessary. It dumps no waste water into the ocean and all components have been sustainably sourced where possible. Sounds like a good approach to building any ship to us.

Lego Rainbow Warrior Ship

Konajra’s Lego replica of the 190ft Rainbow Warrior III is actually mini-figure scale, which makes it simply enormous. Every conceivable detail has been finely recreated in Danish plastic and Konajra has uploaded a wealth of photography to his Flickr photostream to support the build – click here to visit the ship’s Flickr gallery.

Finally, whilst we don’t always agree with Greenpeace, if you’d like to check out what they do and why they need the Rainbow Warrior you can click here to visit their website.

Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior 3 Lego

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