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TLCB’s luxury yacht, paid for by the riches that blogging Lego brings, doesn’t get mentioned much here. We like our privacy, and it’s hard enough keeping the multitude of attractive girls away as it is, without them knowing about the boat.

Ted Andes has no such qualms however, uploading this rather wonderful Technic yacht ‘Sundancer’ to Flickr.

A mini-figure cabin, keel, rudder, plus marvellous fabric sails fashioned from the LEGO Carousel set’s canopy create a boat very nearly as beautiful as TLCB’s, and you’re welcome on board via the link above. Ted’s of course, not ours.

*Today’s excellent title song.

I’m on a Boat

Lego AMELS 180 Superyacht Driftwood

Ok, this writer isn’t on a boat. He’s on a wheelie chair in the crumbling hovel that is TLCB Towers. But it’s nice to dream.

Flickr’s Edwin Korstanje (aka VFRacingTeam) makes dreaming slightly easier with his incredible commissioned replica of the AMELS 180 Superyacht ‘Driftwood’. Built over two months from 14,000 LEGO pieces, Edwin’s 1:53 model of the 180 foot ship measures over a metre long, and both Edwin and his daughter had a tour of the real yacht as part of the commission.

There’s more to see of this spectacular commissioned build on Flickr and at the Eurobricks forum, you can read our interview with Edwin as part of the Master MOCers series via the link above, and if you’re over 18 you can watch today’s title track video here (strongest possible language warning!).

Lego AMELS 180 Superyacht Driftwood

Brick Built Boats

Lego Yachts

No these aren’t cars, but they are wonderful. Plus we like boats, and we’re the ones with access to TLCB Keyboard. Anyhoo, these two beautiful yachts complete with superb brick-built hulls and fully tuneable rigging come from Flickr’s Felipe Avelar, and each is a masterclass in fine detailing. There are more brilliant images available to view at Felipe’s photostream – click the link above to set sail.

Rainbow Warrior Picture Special

Lego Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior 3

This astonishing ship comes from Flickr’s Konajra, who appeared here last week with this, and who has now reconstructed one of the world’s most iconic vessels in Lego form. It is of course, the Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior.

This is Greenpeace’s third Rainbow Warrior ship and the first to be purpose-built for the charity. As you would expect (although certainly not the case with the ship’s predecessors), Rainbow Warrior III is one of the greenest ships afloat – and not just in colour. Launched in 2011 the ship mostly functions as a sailing yacht, with additional hybrid propulsion used when necessary. It dumps no waste water into the ocean and all components have been sustainably sourced where possible. Sounds like a good approach to building any ship to us.

Lego Rainbow Warrior Ship

Konajra’s Lego replica of the 190ft Rainbow Warrior III is actually mini-figure scale, which makes it simply enormous. Every conceivable detail has been finely recreated in Danish plastic and Konajra has uploaded a wealth of photography to his Flickr photostream to support the build – click here to visit the ship’s Flickr gallery.

Finally, whilst we don’t always agree with Greenpeace, if you’d like to check out what they do and why they need the Rainbow Warrior you can click here to visit their website.

Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior 3 Lego

Valentines Day Special

Lego Yacht

Today we’re calling upon the collective experience of the entire TLCB staff to bring you some top quality dating advice this valentines day, in Lego form.

First up is the beautiful classic yacht above, built by TLCB favourite ER0L. There’s nothing more romantic than a luxury boat, and if we were a mini-figure this would be our vehicle of choice with which to woo the limited supply of LEGO womenfolk. ER0L’s even added mood lighting by the way of Power Functions LEDs, and you can see more via the link above.

Our second love-inducing creation is probably at the other end of the romantic scale being, well – what looks like a hospital bed with a steering wheel. Still, it’s got some plastic flowers and there’s a camera to capture the ‘special’ moment, and that works for your Mom every time.

Billyburg is the builder and you can see more of his Lunar Love Buggy on Flickr.

Lego Bed Bug(gy)

Yacht Club

Lego Motor Yacht

Because millionaire mini-figures need to get from Long Island to Manhattan too.

JBIronWorks has built one of the more luxurious ways to commute to Wall Street with his beautiful recreation of the 1929 motor yacht ‘Mohican’, and it looks the perfect bath-toy for TLCB executive jacuzzi.

The real classic yacht is currently up for sale for a cool $1million, but if that’s a bit out of your reach you can pretend with JB on Flickr. Money can’t buy you happiness anyway. Although it can buy you a $1million motor yacht.