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Brock Racing Enterprises

Lego Datsun 510 BRE

At last, The Lego Car Blog has a proper car to bring you! And quite a legendary one at that. This marvellous Model Team model is a Datsun 510 as raced by BRE during the early-seventies. Underneath the perfectly replicated body-work (complete with accurate custom decals) is a fully remote control Power Functions chassis. It might be Model Team but this creation has a Technic heart. Infraredbrick’s Dastun has appeared on TLCB before in a previous form, but a racing version is always better! See more – including construction photographs – on Infraredbrick’s Flickr photo stream here.

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Small and Mighty

Datsun 510

Datsun 510

Before Nissan were famous for Skylines and GTRs, they made stuff like this; the wonderful Datsun 510. Infraredbrick has recreated the Japanese pocket rocket, and added a few modifications too. Click his name to find out what they are…

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