Valentines Day Special

Lego Yacht

Today we’re calling upon the collective experience of the entire TLCB staff to bring you some top quality dating advice this valentines day, in Lego form.

First up is the beautiful classic yacht above, built by TLCB favourite ER0L. There’s nothing more romantic than a luxury boat, and if we were a mini-figure this would be our vehicle of choice with which to woo the limited supply of LEGO womenfolk. ER0L’s even added mood lighting by the way of Power Functions LEDs, and you can see more via the link above.

Our second love-inducing creation is probably at the other end of the romantic scale being, well – what looks like a hospital bed with a steering wheel. Still, it’s got some plastic flowers and there’s a camera to capture the ‘special’ moment, and that works for your Mom every time.

Billyburg is the builder and you can see more of his Lunar Love Buggy on Flickr.

Lego Bed Bug(gy)

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