Airport Crash Tender Picture Special

Lego Technic Airport Crash Tender

Today we have a very special creation to share with you, one that’s had the whole office pouring over it all afternoon.

This amazing Technic model is the work of previous bloggee Lucio Switch, and it’s a sight common to all major airports, the essential Airport Crash Tender. Lucio’s creation looks – as you can see from these images – remarkably lifelike, but even more impressive is what this model can do.

Lego Technic RC Airport Fire Truck

Hidden inside are fourteen Power Functions motors controlled by five IR receivers and the previously blogged SBrick. These operate everything from the 8-wheel-drive, the 4-wheel-steering, the rotation, lifting and extension of the fire extinguishing arm, the emergency lights, and the direction of second extinguisher nozzle mounted on the front bumper.

Lego Technic Airport Fire Tender

Oh, and one more function… working water cannons. Yes, this Lego model really can pump water and extinguish a small fire! LEGO’s own Pneumatic System is used to pump air into the water tanks, forcing out the water for use when things are getting a bit hot. It’s probably the most amazing Lego vehicle you will see this year – you can see all the images on both MOCpages and Flickr – we can’t recommend making those clicks highly enough!

Lego Technic Airport Crash Tender

6 thoughts on “Airport Crash Tender Picture Special

  1. Biilyburg

    I’m glad this got blogged. (I was going to suggest it, but you’d already blogged it). It’s such an amazing model. IMHO possibly the most remarkable technic creation I’ve seen.

  2. Robert nichts

    Hello clever berger again how often should I you still ask yu help me firstly mails please in German to me thank you further yu these super model I mĉhte this model to reconstruct because I seek this recipe Schohn very long could you please help me that I get to what is the blueprint free greeting Mr. Lechner

  3. nilsobrix

    Wow! Please, can anybody help me to get my mouth shut? It’s still open since I’ve seen the first photo of this beast! Awesome! :-))

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