Lego Hummer H1

Hummer is probably TLCB’s least favourite automotive brand. It only lasted a few short years in our home nation and the H2 and H3 were so awful that even Americans stopped buying them.

However the original H1 military spec vehicle is a very different animal to the dreadful H2 and H3, being really rather good at going almost anywhere whilst loaded with heavy bits of weaponry, aid, and military personnel, and loved (or feared) by armed forces around the world.

Unfortunately the H1 was also bought by gun-toting, dried-food-storing, apocalypse-hoping (but climate-change denying), camouflage-wearing morons who gave GM the idea to build civilian versions in the first place, so we still hate its metallic guts.

This Lego version is alright though, and comes from TLCB regular Ralph Savelsberg. There’s more of his Hummer H1 to see on Flickr.

Lego Hummer

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