The Gigahorse

Lego Mad Max Gigahorse Cadillac

After posting several small scale recreations of the magnificent vehicles from ‘ Mad Max – Fury Road’ we finally have something a little bigger to publish, and what Mad Max vehicle could be better than Immortan Joe’s stacked Cadillac ‘Gigahorse’?

Like most of the amazing cars from the blockbuster movie the Gigahorse was made for real. Two 1959 Cadillac DeVille coupes were harvested for their body parts and two supercharged Chevrolet V8s – making a combined 1200bhp – were mounted in parallel up front, channelling that huge power through a custom built gearbox. Terex front loaders provided the rest of the drivetrain whilst 70″ tractor tyres took care of the traction.

Tim Inman‘s plastic replica stays as faithful to this set-up as is possible with Lego, and the resultant vehicle is as wonderfully ridiculous as we could have hoped for. There’s lot’s more to see at Tim’s photostream – click the link above to make the jump.

Lego Mad Max Fury Road Cadillac Imortan Joe

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