Lego Chevrolet Hot Rod

Although the proper Lego blogs don’t seem to think much of us here at TLCB, you – our awesome readers – are the reason why we’re here (that, and to raise some money for those who desperately need it), and your entries into TLCB Summer Building Competition have been fantastic!

It’s the final day of the competition and Flickr’s Tim Inman has taken the full two months to get his second entry in; this spectacular Chevrolet Town Sedan hot rod. As has been well documented, the Elves love both the colour orange and hot rods, so we have a happy workforce today.

You can see more of Tim’s entry at the link above, and if you’re visiting from the aforementioned Lego blog you can read more about the TLCB Summer Building Competition by clicking here.

TLCB Summer Building Competition

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