Lego Ferrari Dino F2

This glorious Ferrari Dino F2 racing car, built by Flickr’s LEGO Bro for TLCB Summer Building Competition, takes us back to a time when the top motorsport teams (and drivers too) competed in multiple racing categories at once. With race calendars only featuring events in single digits throughout an entire season competing in several championships concurrently was a common practice.

LEGO Bro’s Dino F2 might have been down on power when compared to its F1 brother, but it still comes from a time when downforce hadn’t made it off the drawing board and driver safety was second very much to speed. As a result the F2 cars of the 1960s were slightly deadly, but wonderfully pretty machines, and the Dino was amongst the prettiest of all. Step back in time with LEGO Bro at the link above.

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