BMW M4 DTM – Picture Special

Lego Technic BMW M4

DTM, Germany’s touring car championship is, along with Australia’s V8 Supercar Series, the absolute pinnacle of saloon car racing. No, NASCAR doesn’t count.

The racing cars of DTM make big power, create huge downforce, and – whilst they have almost nothing in common with anything you can buy for road use, aesthetically they closely resemble their real-world counterparts.

Lego BMW DTM Racer

This spectacular machine is a replica of BMW’s current entry in the series; the mighty M4 DTM Coupe. Underneath the incredible (and very yellow) bodywork is a fully suspended chassis powered by four XL Power Functions motors, a servo motor for steering with Ackermann geometry, LED lights, and two re-chargable batteries.

It’s been built by BrunoJJ and it’s one of the best Technic racing cars we’ve featured this year. Suggested to us by a reader, there’s a huge gallery of images to view on Brickshelf, plus a Eurobricks forum with more details and close-up shots available here.

Lego Technic BMW M4 DTM

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2 thoughts on “BMW M4 DTM – Picture Special

  1. Sam Visser says:

    Can I buy this car?


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