Lego Dodge Ram 3500

After slating poorly-built, inefficient, lazy, American pick-ups like the Dodge Ram 3500 a little while ago, here’s, er… a Dodge Ram 3500. Totes awks…

Anyway, whatever we think about the real truck (hint, it rhymes with ‘butter spit’), this Town scale recreation of Dodge’s latest behemoth, complete with flatbed trailer in tow, is a rather lovely model. It’s been built by colognebrick on Flickr, and there more to see here.

Lego Dodge Ram 3500 Truck

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2 thoughts on “Awkward…

  1. […] for our deep-rooted loathing of the pick-up truck genre at the hands of hateful crap like the Dodge Ram. You can see more of Filsawgood’s glorious early ’90s Nissan at both Flickr and […]


  2. […] It’s also one of our favourite trucks in real life, being the total antithesis of the hateful Dodge Ram and its […]


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