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I’ll Be There

Lego Dodge Ram Baywatch

We’re not sure what was going on in the ’90s, but TV theme tunes seemed to focus on simply turning up, Friends and Baywatch being prime examples. This writer was much too young to appreciate Baywatch at the time and thought it was actually serious rescue drama, rather than light pornography for Dads, but nevertheless they did occasionally save people from the dangers of two feet of salt water.

One of the tools at their disposal to accomplish this was a fleet of bright yellow pick-up trucks, such as this Dodge Ram by Flickr’s ER0L. ER0L has recreated the ageing Dodge brilliantly in 7-wide Speed Champions style, and he’s thrown in a plethora of rescue apparatus for when the Baywatch lifeguards do finally actually rescue someone. See more of the classic Ram at ER0L’s photostream by clicking here.


Lego Dodge Ram 3500

After slating poorly-built, inefficient, lazy, American pick-ups like the Dodge Ram 3500 a little while ago, here’s, er… a Dodge Ram 3500. Totes awks…

Anyway, whatever we think about the real truck (hint, it rhymes with ‘butter spit’), this Town scale recreation of Dodge’s latest behemoth, complete with flatbed trailer in tow, is a rather lovely model. It’s been built by colognebrick on Flickr, and there more to see here.

Lego Dodge Ram 3500 Truck

Throw Some Hammers Back There

Lego Dodge Ram 3500

Here at TLCB we don’t like ’90s traditional American pick-up trucks. Because they are – and we can’t state this strongly enough – truly dreadful in every conceivable way. This one, a Dodge Ram 3500, could be ordered with a Cummins diesel engine though, which meant that you could throw the rest of the truck away and at least keep hold of one bit of respectable engineering.

Luckily Ford are now shaking up the lacklustre truck market, with lighter aluminium bodies and smaller more efficient turbocharged engines, meaning that hopefully in a few years time the only naturally-aspirated ugly behemoth you’ll be able to see will be in Lego form like this. Plus your Mom of course. This (excellent) Ram 3500 replica is the work of TLCB regular Ralph Savelsberg, and you can see more of it and his other builds by visiting his Flickr photostream at the link above.