Modular Rodular

Lego Hot Rods

All of these brilliant Town-scale hot rods were discovered by one TLCB Elf, an Elf who is by far the luckiest in TLCB history, and who is soon likely to be the fattest in TLCB history too.

They all come from Flick’s Tim Henderson, who has designed a neat modular chassis to which a variety of body-styles and engines can be quickly and easily attached.

To demonstrate his systems’ flexibility Tim has built nine hot and rat rods using the same common architecture, and every single one looks thoroughly excellent. If there was any idea ideally suited to, er… LEGO Ideas, this is surely it.

Lego Town Hot Rod Rat Rod

Tim’s platform can be constructed in a variety of lengths to suit different applications, and it can fit both a traditional mini-figure and a Friends figurine behind the wheel.

You can see all of Tim’s hot and rat rods as well as the platform that unites them at his photostream – click here to make the jump to Flickr.

Lego Hot Rods

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