Duel Controls

Fastest Lego RC Car

It’s a remote control double today as our Elves have found two red RC cars for us to share. Each has been awarded a meal token and a red Smartie, and there have been no smushings or fights. Success all round!

First up (above) is Gerard896’s brilliant lightweight racer. Powered by two LEGO Buggy Motors linked to an on-board Li-Po battery Gerard’s creation could well be the fastest Lego car ever built. You can see all the images and videos of the car in action on Eurobricks, MOCpages and Brickshelf.

Our second RC racer (below) comes from MOCpages’ Rage Hobbit, with his Lamborghini Furore concept. It too is powered by a pair of LEGO Buggy Motors, although this time controlled by Radio-wave rather than Infrared, plus it features working brakes and independent pushrod suspension, and if it weren’t for Gerard’s racer above it might have been the fastest Lego car ever built! There’s more to see at Rage’s MOCpage – click here to make the jump.

Fast RC Lego Car

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