Lego Space Octan Ant

The Lego Car Blog staff, more used to knowing pointless facts about obscure cars from 1993, are utterly bemused by sci-fi creations. Unfortunately for us our Elves quite like finding space creations, because it makes them feel like astronauts. So, here goes…

This is an Octan-themed space thingumy that looks a bit like an ant. Thus, we’ve called it the ‘OctAnt’, and we’re quite pleased with ourselves for that. It has a gun on the top and big ball thing on the back and you can see more courtesy of BobDeQuatre on Flickr.

<Dusts hands and sits back with satisfaction knowing that this post was thoroughly nailed….>

3 thoughts on “OctAnt

  1. Steven Taylor

    This is the funniest post I’ve seen in a long time… ‘Dusts hands a sits back with satisfaction knowing that this post was thoroughly nailed…’ hahaha.

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