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Galactic Gaster

Lego Space Ant

We totally knew what the rear bit of an ant is called without having to Google it… No matter, this brick-built oddity is the work of Flickr’s F@bz, who has constructed it for Febrovery 2017, and its gaster (the bulbous posterior portion of the metasoma, obviously) makes cunning use of the otherwise completely useless Death Star piece. There’s more to see at F@bz’ photostream via the link above – click he link above to make the jump.


Lego Space Octan Ant

The Lego Car Blog staff, more used to knowing pointless facts about obscure cars from 1993, are utterly bemused by sci-fi creations. Unfortunately for us our Elves quite like finding space creations, because it makes them feel like astronauts. So, here goes…

This is an Octan-themed space thingumy that looks a bit like an ant. Thus, we’ve called it the ‘OctAnt’, and we’re quite pleased with ourselves for that. It has a gun on the top and big ball thing on the back and you can see more courtesy of BobDeQuatre on Flickr.

<Dusts hands and sits back with satisfaction knowing that this post was thoroughly nailed….>

[Insert Sci-Fi Title Here]

Lego Sci-Fi Truck

Yup, we’re out of depth again. We have no idea what this creation by Flickr’s Nick Trotta is or what it does, but it looks properly cool. Sort of like a giant wheeled ant. And it’s descriptions like that which mean we really should stick to cars. You can see more of whatever this is at the link to Nick’s photostream above, where there are also links to the wider collaborative project of which this build is part.

Lego Sci-Fi Truck

Army Ant

Lego Ant Mech

This is, er… well, we think it’s an, er…

OK, we have literally no idea what this is for or what it does, but we do quite like it. David Steeves is the builder and there’s more to see of whatever it is here.

We’d better stick to cars…