Historic Hatch

Lego Golf GTI

You don’t need to be the first to do something to receive the credit of invention. Apple have been hugely successful by refining other companies’ ideas and marketing them to the masses, and so too it was with Volkswagen and the hot hatch.

Widely credited with creating the formula, Volkswagen’s Golf GTI was not the first sporty hatchback, but it was the best, and as such is now synonymous with the genre. This neat Creator-style recreation of the iconic car is the work of Hasan Kabalak and there’s more to see on Flickr and Eurobricks.

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3 thoughts on “Historic Hatch

  1. I really like the Volkswagen and your thoughts about innovation. If you’re interested in featuring your photo and a little longer article about innovation on my website, TheBrickIdea.com, feel free to contact me!


  2. […] do give credit where it’s due by visiting Hasan’s Flickr and Eurobricks pages. Or The Lego Car Blog, where  we have a whole website based upon nicking other people’s stuff. If it works for […]


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