Ferrari Friday

Lego Ferrari 288 GTO

The Elves have been watching too many ’80s movies again, and thus our recent posts seem to have gone a bit ‘red braces’. Still, no matter, because if the results of their historical television watching are as good as this we’ll happily indulge them.

This is a Ferrari 288 GTO, closely related to (and built alongside) yesterday’s 308 GTS, but with its V8 slightly de-bored (made smaller) and turned longitudinally, to make room for a pair of turbochargers, a pair of intercoolers, and a whole lot more power.

Lego Ferrari 288 GTO

This foray into forced induction delivered some incredible results too, as the 288 GTO was the first production car to reach 300kmh (186mph) – way back in 1984.

This lovely Model Team / Creator style recreation of one of Ferrari’s most legendary models comes from Daniel H of MOCpages, with opening doors, hood and trunk, pop-up headlights (controlled from inside too!), and a detailed interior and engine bay.

Daniel is hoping his creation will become an official LEGO set via the Ideas platform – if you like it you can see all the photos, and add your vote to LEGO Ideas, via the link to MOCpages above.

Lego Ferrari 288 GTO

2 thoughts on “Ferrari Friday

  1. Gianluca

    Hello, ferrari 288 GTO is amazing: -O
    I could build it too could you help me? do you have any instructions?
    the DELTA EVOLUZIONE spear is also beautiful, do you have instructions for that too?

    1. thelegocarblogger

      Hello Gianluca

      Thanks for your message. As this is not an official LEGO set it is unlikely that instructions are available. However you can contact the builder directly via the link in the text above and they may be able to help you.

      Good luck!

      TLCB Team


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