Super Duper Supra

Lego Toyota Supra

Toyota’s new Supra is nearly (finally) here, but it’s got a lot to live up. Launched in 1993, the fourth generation A80 Supra was almost wildly futuristic back in the mid-’90s, and came with a naturally aspirated straight-six or a Porsche-beating twin-turbo. The 2JZ engine as it was known, became a tuner’s dream, being easily modifiable to make up to (and over) 1,000bhp.

Unfortunately for Toyota it’s these highly modified Supras that people remember, not the excellent – but slightly fat – cruisers that left the factory, giving the new one an impossible task. Still, to our eyes the new Supra does look rather good, and even if it’s not there are plenty of A80’s around.

Oddly considering its status, the fourth generation Supra is a car that’s rarely recreated in LEGO form. Previous bloggee Simon Przepiorka has rectified this with a superb Speed Champions scale replica of the famous ’90s GT car, which – like so many A80 Supras – is a little different from the ones that left the factory. A giant exhaust, bodykit, and a ridiculous rear wing all make appearances, and – whilst we would definitely prefer an original one (Simon?) – there’s much more to see on Flickr. Jump back to the ’90s and make ‘Bwarrrp bwarrrrp!’ noises via the link above.

Lego Toyota Supra

3 thoughts on “Super Duper Supra

  1. szymonprzepiorka

    Hey guys! Once again thank you for featuring my build on TheLegoCarBlog ! Regarding to your question about the stock supra mk4 I’m still working on it ^^ is a challenge to make that classic rear wing right and keeping all the functions of the car ( functional rear hatch), eventually I believe I’ll find a way to make it 🙂
    P.s as I once said my builds aren’t actually close to Speed Champions. 😀 They are larger, at 1:24 scale and with twice the part count, just a small correction on that 🙂

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