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This beautiful creation is a Lotus 18, and it’s one of the most wonderful racing cars ever made.

Succeeding Colin Chapman’s Lotus 16 (what happened to 17?), the 18 was designed to compete in both Formula 1 and Formula 2, and was powered by a little Coventry Climax 4-cylinder engine, first in 2500cc and then 1500cc sizes when Formula 1 reduced the engine limit.

The 18 gave Lotus’ their first Formula 1 win, plus two-time World Champion Jim Clark his first Grand Prix drive, before he and Innes Ireland took Lotus to the Constructors Runner-up spot in the 1960 World Championship.

However it wasn’t just Team Lotus who raced the 18, with Rob Walker Racing leasing a car to be driven by a new hotshot driver by the name of Stirling Moss.

Moss won the 1960 Monaco Grand Prix for Rob Walker Racing, the first time a privateer team had ever one a Formula 1 race, with only two teams managing it since.

Moss went on to take another win later in the season, although the Lotus 18’s campaign was marred by Moss’s injury at Spa-Francorchamps which put him out for most of the championship, and fellow Lotus 18 driver Alan Stacey’s death at the same track, after the 26 year old driver hit a bird.

Moss returned to racing though, continuing to campaign the Lotus 18 successfully for Rob Walker Racing in 1961, winning another two races and taking third in the World Championship behind the two Ferrari drivers.

The Lotus 18 was quite an important car then. It gave not only Lotus, but several future racing greats their early wins, their first Formula 1 drives, and – sadly in Alan Stacy’s case – their last drive too.

This unfathomably good recreation of the Lotus 18 comes from Andre Pinto, whose stunning replica of Sir Stirling Moss’s 1960 race-winner is one of the finest historic racing cars that this site has ever featured.

Beautiful detailing and attention to detail is evident everywhere you look, and there’s lots more to see at both the Eurobricks discussion forum and at Andre’s ‘Lotus 18 Stirling Moss‘ album on Flickr.

Click the link above to take a look at one of the most important Formula 1 cars ever made.

4 thoughts on “Lotus 18 | Picture Special

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  2. Peter

    Very nice, although your article seems to suffer from some historical incorrectness.
    The lotus 17 is a sportscar, so it does exist. Just not an F1 car.

    And the story on this particular car is even more fascinating than you write down here. Moss did win the 1960 Monaco GP in a Rob Walker Lotus 18. But he also won in 1961 in the same car, which was a year old by then. Considered to be one of his, if not the, finest wins of his career. At the start they discovered a crack in one of the frame tubes, which was welded at the spot, in a car full of fuel. Moss left the bodyplates off because of the heat and went on to beat the dominant sharknose Ferrari’s.
    More can be read here: https://klemcoll.wordpress.com/2015/01/02/his-greatest-race/

    Moss did win before in F1, in 1955 in a Mercedes
    Monaco 1960 was Rob Walkers first win, certainly not the first, nor the last privateer win.

    PS Love your blog!


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