As has been well-documented on these pages, TLCB does not like Hummer. Today however we have a Hummer that is the exact opposite of what the hateful brand stood for; being both small, and really rather clever.

Built by Flickr’s Frantisek Hajdekr, this 10-wide Hummer H1 might only be Speed Champions-ish scale, but it includes both working steering and pendular suspension under the bright red bodywork.

An artfully placed rock shows the clever chassis in action and there’s more to see of Frantisek’s ace Hummer H1 build at his photostream. Click the link above to make the jump!

2 thoughts on “Humdinger

  1. Fabrice

    What a brilliant creation! Technical whilst reproducing very accurately the design of the Hummer. Even more impressive considering the small scale of the model. Very well done indeed!

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