A Whale of a Time

We’re not sure why whales are renowned for having such a good time, but we guess their partying reputation fits with the matra ‘Go Big or Go Home’.

Whatever the reason, Porsche decided that their 911 could do with being a bit more whaley in the 1970s, and fitted it with a huge ‘whale tail’ spoiler. And a turbo.

Said turbo added to the whaley fun, providing absolutely no power at all for a long time, and then suddenly all the power at once. This meant ’70s 911 Turbo drivers did indeed have a whale of a time right up until the point when they were upside-down in a field. That’s ‘Go Big or Go Home’ again we suppose…

This brilliant Porsche 911 Turbo comes from barneius, who has recreated the whale-tailed classic superbly in 8-wide Speed Champions scale. There are more beautifully sharp images available to view on Flickr, where you can also find a link to building instructions so that you can recreate chronic turbo lag and snap oversteer in miniature at home!

Click the link above to have a whale of a time!

1 thought on “A Whale of a Time

  1. Fabrice

    Very nice looking 911 from the back, but the front does not do it for me:
    The very large wheelarches with tiny headlamps look way too disproportionate.
    In a sense, this front-end makes me think more of a VW Beettle than a 911 (I know both share the same genes, nevertheless…)

    Funny enough one of my MOC (a Porsche 959) was previously disregarded by TLCB for its headlamps judged too small, when it is far more obvious on this model.
    A question of taste and opinions, I guess.


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