R is For…

It’s February, and that means the month-long annual rover-based building bandwagon of FebRovery has begun!

Not aimed at creating brick-built versions of the products produced by the defunct British car brand (although some members of TLCB Team wish it was), FebRovery entrants are instead tasked to create machines of a sci-fi complexion, capable of roving other worldly environments. Which means of course, that this site will comprehensively struggle to write anything about them whatsoever.

Anyway, this one comes from Flickr’s Frost, who is a fan-favourite during the contest each year, and there’s more to see of his FebRovery, er… rover at his photostream. Click the link above to start roving.

2 thoughts on “R is For…

  1. Anonymous Jones

    I assume you’re referring to the British car company called Rover (which is not a well known name in the USA). I was a little disappointed to discover that there was not actually a company called Febrovery.

    I also feel obligated to point out that it’s not a contest. There’s no judging and no prizes. Someone once said “It’s a party, not a contest.”


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