My Other Car’s a Mustang

This is a Meyers Manx beach buggy, the definitive car-made-from-another-car. And so too is this superb Model Team recreation of the iconic ’60s design, which uses only parts from the excellent 10265 Ford Mustang set in its construction.

Built by Brian Michal of Flickr, this 10265 alternate includes steering, suspension, a removable roof, and – much like the real Meyers Manx – probably leaves a few parts from the donor vehicle left over too.

There’s more of Brian’s B-Model to see at his photostream, and you can switch your horse for a tailless cat via the link above.

1 thought on “My Other Car’s a Mustang

  1. bammocs

    Thanks for noticing! This model was a lot of fun to design, and has left me wondering if I can make a beetle out of this set with all those spare parts you mentioned. Here’s a direct link to the instructions on rebrickable:


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