Insert Giant Shiny Meathead

Both phenomenally successful and awful in equal measure, the ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise shows no signs of taking its foot off the gas. Dom’s Dodge Charger from the aforementioned cinema skid-mark can even now be bought in LEGO form, in both Technic and Speed Champions flavours, the latter of which comes complete with a shiny-headed douchbag mini-figure for maximum movie authenticity.

Missing said mini-figure, but ramping up the realism in every other respect, comes gnat.bricks own Speed Champions scale ’69 Dodge Charger, which – admittedly – is a year earlier than Dom’s car from the movies. Which is probably why he’s not here.

We’ll take that as a blessing and there’s more to see of Not-Dom’s-Dodge-Charger at gnat.bricks’ Flickr album. Click the link above to make the jump.

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