My Other Car’s a Porsche

TLCB Team are not fans of BMW’s M-Division right now. From sticking ‘M’ badges on literally everything to this utter, utter abomination, who needs the ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’ when you could have a 2.7 ton SUV instead? Well, we’d rather prefer the former, but we need to take a look in BMW M’s back-catalogue to find it.

Fortunately there are plenty of gems to be found, and perhaps none more so than the very first car created by M-Division; the BMW M1.

Partly developed by Lamborghini, the BMW M1 featured a mid-mounted 3.5 litre inline-6, a wedge-shaped fibreglass body designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, and engineering to take on Porsche in Group 4 homologated racing.

The M1 proved competitive, racing at Le Mans, in various GT series, and in BMW’s own ‘Procar Championship’, won in 1980 by Nikki Lauda and in ’81 by Nelson Picquet, who would both become three-time Formula 1 world champions.

This lovely recreation of BMW’s first M-car is the work of TLCB Master MOCer Firas Abu-Jaber, who has constructed it solely from the parts found within the 10295 Porsche 911 set. There are opening doors, front trunk and engine cover, working steering, plus a detailed engine and interior, and there’s lots more of Firas’ BMW B-Model to see at his ‘10295 BMW M1’ album on Flickr.

Click the link above to take a look, the one above that to view the 10295 set that Firas’ M1 is derived from, or here to see another wedgy-alternate built from that rather more round Porsche.

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