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Seventies Supercar Saturday

Lego Ferrari 308 GTS

Iiiin the red corner, from Italy, with V8 muscle and weighing in at 2,315lbs, it’s the Ferrari 308 GTS! Aaaand in the white corner, from Germany, powered by an inline-6 and weighing in at 2,866lbs, it’s the BMW M1!

Both superb Speed Champions supercars are the work of previous bloggee Jonathan Elliott and you can see more of each, and pick your winner, via the links above.

Lego BMW M1



The M1 Procar was arguably the first proper ‘M’ car from BMW, starting probably the most famous in-house tuned range of vehicles in the world. It was also a proper racer, wearing the now iconic BMW Motorsport Division stripes. Rolling Bricks recreates the legend, stripes included, on Flickr and MOCpages. See more of his superb recreation via the link above, or at his MOCpage here.

Lego BMW M1