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Hell Hath No Fury

‘Tis this season of scaring small children, taking candy from strangers, and dressing in little-to-nothing. But enough about this TLCB Writer’s plans for tonight, we’ve time for one final post before the Halloween spookiness begins. Cue Stephen King’s ‘Christine‘, a haunted ’58 Plymouth Fury containing the vengeful spirit of a past owner, and a taste for blood. Regular bloggee Jonathan Elliott has brought Christine back in brick form, and you can take a closer look on Flickr via the link. Just make sure you take good care of her…

Hell hath no Fury… like a 1958 Plymouth

Lego Plymouth Fury Christine

Body by Plymouth. Soul By Satan. 1983 saw the film adaptation of the Stephen King novel Christine, starring a dilapidated 1958 Plymouth Fury with a Herbie-like personality instilled within it. Only this car was nothing like Herbie.

TLCB favourite Ralph Savelsberg aka Mad Physicist has added ‘Christine’ to his ever-growing garage of superb movie cars. All the photos of the build can be found on Flickr here, and we’re delighted to announce that Ralph has also been cornered by The Lego Car Blog Elves, becoming the penultimate builder in our Master MOCer Series.

Mr. Savelsberg’s interview in The Lego Car Blog’s Master MOCers Series, where he explains how he started building LEGO, what has influenced his style, and how he creates amazing models such as the Plymouth above is available now; simply click this link to read his story!