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Lego Technic JCB

Power Functions to the max!

This rather splendid machine is the work of Technic genius Sariel. Powered by LEGO’s PF motors, linear actuators and lots of other Technic goodness, it functions just like the real thing. It’s also disconcertingly quick for a 2KG tractor – we’d quite like it for shooing the Elves away when they get too rowdy. Anyhow, to wonder in this model’s magnificence check out the accompanying YouTube video:

Featured TFOL: Jon Treasure

Caterpillar Crane

Caterpillar PL-87; the world’s biggest claw machine. You should see the size of the stuffed animal.

This month’s Featured TFOL hails from MOCpages, where the Elves spotted him via his rather excellent construction equipment.

Jon Treasure started out not too far from ‘minifig-on-a-plate’ type builds (ergh – we know), then rapidly moved through medium scale military and vehicular builds. He’s now reaching the heights of super-complex large scale Technic creations that any AFOL would be proud to create, like the awesome Caterpillar PL-87 pictured above. Check out his MOCpage at the aforementioned link, it’s well worth a look.

Can you dig it?

Lego Technic Excavator

Insert Mock Turtles for twice the awesome (a '90s music reference for those of you who don't get the title!).

Another day, another Elf finds his way back to The Lego Car Blog Towers. Found on MOCpages, Jurgen Krooshoop’s Power Functions Technic excavator is one of the most realistically functioning machines we’ve ever come across. Watch this incredible vehicle in action in the video below (for which Jurgen’s even produced his own music), then head over to his website and download the building instructions.

YouTube Video: