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John Deere Feller-Buncher – Picture Special

Lego Technic John Deere Feller Buncher

The Lego Car Blog Elves live on a simple diet of occasional meals, even more occasional Smarties, and regular extreme Elf-on-Elf violence. Today’s lucky Elf scored a hat-trick, being rewarded – as all successful Elves are – with a meal token, and also with a bonus green Smartie. High on sugar the aforementioned Elf then completed its hat-trick by undertaking what can best be described as a rampage at the controls of its find.

The find in question is this remarkable remote control John Deere 900 Series feller-buncher built by MOCpages’ Desert752 Kirill, and it’s an incredible bit of kit. Power Functions operated skid-steering and drive give Desert’s tracked feller-buncher surprising agility, meaning many Elves were out-manouvered in the hallways of TLCB Towers and squashed as they fled.

Lego Technic RC John Deere

Smarter Elves, learning from previous experience, clambered off the floor to areas of expected safety, but sadly for them the John Deere’s linear actuated felling arm – complete with grab and micro-motor powered circular saw – meant that there really was nowhere to hide.

With no more colleagues to torment the jubilant Elf driver abandoned its motorised weapon and escaped cackling into the night. One suspects its colleagues won’t be forthcoming in welcoming it back upon its next return to TLCB Towers…

Anyway, whilst we await the inevitable Elf fight you can check out what makes Desert752 Kirill’s John Deere 900 such a formidable machine – click the link above for all the details of the build on MOCpages, and watch the video below to see the feller-buncher in action.

YouTube Video:

Felling Bonsai Trees

Technic Feller

Mini Technic Feller for Mini Technic Trees

A Technic quickie – as our other post today is too boring to stand on its own – from Thirdwig on Flickr. Although small, this mini Feller is actually stuffed full of mechanical features. Check it out at the link in the text.

Axe Men*

Lego Technic Feller Buncher

Insert logs for twice the awesome

Logging is big business. And big business requires big machines. This is a ‘feller buncher’, collecting logs, stripping them of branches and collecting them into piles. And it works. Yes, really, actually works. VH HH on MOCpages is the Technic genius behind it.

YouTube Video:

*Spelt correctly (to our American readers)