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Dinner, Dinner, Dinner…


There is a generation for whom a tumbler will always be something from which to sip a single malt. Clayton Marchetti has posted this 1960’s classic over on MOCpages. The car features a jet engine under its hood, chromed missile launcher tubes and a fire extinguisher (or is it a big cannister of shark-repellent?) in the cabin. This mini-fig scale creation uses conventional, studs-up building techniques but still manages to capture the complicated shaping at the front of the vehicle, which was originally built by the Ghia workshop in the mid-fifties.

Please remember never to offer any passing TLCB Elf a tot of whisky: even if it’s a cold, snowy night and the Elf is looking particularly bedraggled. Alcohol goes straight to their heads and they fall asleep in the dungeons of castle MOCs.