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Daytona 1967

Lego Ferrari 330 P4

Following Ferrari’s latest hypercar posted earlier this week we’re taking a trip back to a time when their cars were at their most beautiful, and long before silly names and crap merchandising.

This gorgeous endurance racer is the Ferrari 330 P4, and it’s been created by one of our favourite vehicle builders bob alexander. The 330 P4 was Ferrari’s answer to Ford’s all-conquering GT40, and whilst it didn’t take a Le Mans victory Ferrari did earn a famous one-two-three finish at Daytona ’67, staging the cars so that they crossed the finish line together.

Only four P4’s were ever built, but you can see more of this honorary fifth on Flickr – just click the link above to make the jump.

Italian Stallion

Lego Ferrari 330 P4

It’s the weekend, hurrah! This does mean though, that TLCB Team will be drunk*, and we didn’t plan ahead any posts. Oops. Fortunately Sam the First returns as a Guest Blogger and keeps TLCB functioning. Over to Sam…

Previously Featured TFOL Harry Gravett’s mind must be an interesting place. When I think of ‘difficult to build’, I think more along the lines of a Nissan 350Z, or a Porsche. Harry though, thinks of a TVR Sagris or a Ferrari 360 CS with brick built stripes.

His most recent model is stunning, being this gorgeous Ferrari 330 P4. This one is not only a tough cookie to recreate, Harry’s done it with brick-built windows and windscreen, and he’s nailed the shaping. The functions are all there and working ever so fine with some top class techniques used, and he’s captured the character of a 60’s prancing horse beautifully.

Yes, his mind is an interesting place indeed. You can find Harry’s wonderful creation via his photostream and his MOCpage.

*If you’re under the legal age for alcohol consumption in your country of residence, TLCB Team won’t really be drunk**.

**That’s not true. We will.

Lego Classic Ferrari Racer