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Lego Wipeout

If ever there’s a video game crying out for a remake, this is it. Wipeout anti-gravity racing launched in the mid-’90s on Playstation, PC and Sega Saturn, and it was epic. Set in 2052, players competed in the F3600 anti-gravity league, piloting racers around a variety of ludicrous tracks to a soundtrack by legendary artists Leftfield, Chemical Brothers, Orbital and others.

Taking us right back to 1996 is Volker Brodkorb, with two gorgeous anti-gravity racers inspired by the game. Each is built brilliantly and includes a mini-figure pilot and some wonderful custom decal work to boot. You can join the race at Volker’s Flickr album via the link above, and to be reminded how awesome Wipeout was watch a race in 1080p here!

Lego Wipeout


Lego Pixelated Hot Rod

For our readers too young to remember the SNES and Sega Megadrive, and who might be wondering what the graphics were like, wonder no more! This odd pixelated hot rod by Flickr’s RGB900 takes us back to a time of 8bit, cartridges, and blowing dust out of slots – click the link above to join us in the past.