Eerie Airship

Lego Airship

If airships could look evil…

This sinister looking contraption, an airship from the mind of Si MOCs on MOCpages, actually fulfils a noble purpose; re-gassing the Earth’s depleted ozone layer (according to the notes by the builder). Mixing Bionicle, Technic and Town pieces to great effect, Si MOCs’ ‘T-Blimp’* is an entry into the popular annual MOCathalon competition running on MOCpages. See more of the creation, and the MOCathalon competition, by clicking on the link above.

*Despite its name it’s not actually a ‘blimp’ – we’re pedantic like that!

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One thought on “Eerie Airship

  1. My first impression was actually “oh, someone FINALLY made the airships from Legends of Metru Nui!”


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