Race Horse

Ferrari 156 Race CarThis magnificent 1963 Ferrari 156 comes from one of TLCB’s favourite racing car builders, the amazing bobalexander! Bob has featured a number of times on TLCB with a variety of superb classic race cars, and perhaps this is his most iconic yet.

The Ferrari 156 was one of the first Formula 1 cars to adapt to the new regulations, which in 1961 required tiny 1.5 litre engines. This was long before the days of turbo-chaging, direct injection, KERS and all the other power-boosting technology we’re used to today. Despite the engine being somewhat outside of Ferrari’s comfort zone, the 156 won the World Championship in both 1961 and 1964, and was piloted by some of the best drivers of the era; Phil Hill, John Surtees and Wolfgang Von Trips (who tragically died in his) to name a few.

You can see more of bobalexander!’s beautiful Model Team version of the Ferrari 156 via the link above, or see his other creations that have featured here on TLCB by clicking here.

Lego Ferrari F1 car

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