Saving Lives at Sea

Lego RNLI Land Rover

The Lego Car Blog’s home nation has a close relationship with the sea. An island dependent upon the dangerous waters surrounding it for trade, Britain has pioneered sea travel for hundreds of years.

Sadly this means that countless lives have been lost over the centuries to the waters, piracy and the cold. In 1824 an organisation was established to save those in peril. The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) has operated in the waters around Great Britain since its creation almost 200 years ago and today has over 400 boats stationed in over 200 rescue centres. An average of 22 people are rescued every day, with over 140,000 lives saved since the charity’s foundation.

Ralph Savelsberg has built one of their most recognisable tools in Lego, the Land Rover Defender tow car and mobile RIB rescue boat. You can see all his photos on Flickr here, and read more about the work of the RNLI at their website.

Lego RNLI Life Boat

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  3. Colby R. Mack

    Tragically, 7 years earlier, the George Elmy capsized during a rescue in huge seas off Seaham in November 1962, claiming the lives of five volunteer crew members who are remembered on the RNLI Memorial outside the RNLI College in Poole. Four of five fishermen who had just been rescued by the vessel also died.

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    1. thelegocarblogger

      Hello Dawson

      Thanks for your message.

      Sorry, like almost everything we post this model is not an official LEGO set and thus is not available to purchase in stores. However you can contact the builder directly to enquire if they would be willing to sell or re-produce their model via the link the blog text.

      Kind regards

      TLCB Team


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