Forking Good

Lego RC SBrick Forklift

This might be the best Technic creation we’ve seen so far this year. It’s a Hyster forklift truck and it’s been built by friend of TLCB, published author, and Technic genius Paul Kmiec – better known as Sariel.

Sariel is famous for his functioning Technic models and his latest takes the genre to a new level of engineering accuracy. Underneath the smooth yellow bodywork there are several Power Functions motors powering the drive, steering, and raising, lowering and tilting of the front-mounted lift.

Sariel has then incorporated the newly-designed ‘SBrick‘ into the build, meaning that all the functions can be controlled via Bluetooth through a mobile device. It’s a very clever piece of kit and something we’d love to explore further here at TLCB Towers.

Lego Technic Sariel Forklift SBrick

The forklift can also be fitted with a range of interchangeable attachments, some of which feature pneumatics controlled by an in-built compressor, including a grab and an excavating bucket. LEGO, hire this man please!

You can see more of Sariel’s incredible creation on MOCpages and via the excellent video below, and if you’d like to understand how creations such as this are designed and built we highly recommend Sariel’s ‘Incredible Lego Technic’ book – click this link for a preview.

YouTube Video:

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