Tilt ‘n Slide

Lego Technic Flatbed Tow Truck

This magnificent Technic tilt and slide recovery truck was discovered on Eurobricks, where builder Kevin Moo has engineered a range of stunning functionality from no less than nine(!) Power Functions motors. These include remote control drive and steering, the tilting and sliding of the recovery bed, a working winch and wheel-lift and a motorised opening bonnet. There’s also a V8 piston engine up front, working suspension on all axles and operational headlights.

You can see the full gallery of images at the Eurobricks discussion forum via the link above, plus you can see Kevin’s recovery truck in action via the video below – it looks the perfect vehicle for the inevitable rescue of some of our previously blogged cars – such as this, these, and almost any Peugeot.

YouTube Video:

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