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The Long Way Home

This return journey will be familiar to anyone with an extended period of Land Rover ownership in their vehicular history.

Actually that’s not entirely fair; whilst classic Land Rovers (in this case a Series III) will break, they do only require electrical tape and a piece of string to fix. Clearly the owner of this one forgot to bring their string…

Ralph Savelsberg is the creator of this excellent MAN TGS AA recovery truck (along with the lovely Series III Land Rover it’s recovering), which includes a working under-lift, sliding platform, tilting cab with four opening doors, and some beautifully authentic decals.

It could only be more realistic if the Land Rover Series III on the back was replaced by a Range Rover Sport. And that’s definitely not a car that’s repairable with electrical tape and piece of string.

War Wreckin’

The U.S military operates vehicles in some pretty inhospitable places. Currently most of these places are dust-filled ovens, putting the machinery in use under intense strain. And, let’s face it, they are American vehicles so they will break.

Unfortunately the local recovery services in such places are unlikely to be willing to help out, and – even if they were – an Abrams tank is probably a bit beyond their ability. Fortunately the U.S military has these ready to rescue their broken vehicles; the M936 6×6 Wrecker.

Built by TLCB regular Ralph Savelsberg this mini-figure scale replica of the M936 may not be in ‘dust-filled oven’ camouflage but it is mightily accurate in all other respects. A working rotating crane, detachable stabilisers, and wonderful detailing are all included and there’s more to see at Ralph’s M936 Wrecker album on Flickr by clicking here.

Insert Peugeot Here

Lego Volkswagen Crafter Tow Truck

This neat Town-scale Volkswagen Crafter flatbed recovery truck comes courtesy of Сергей Антохин of Flickr, and it’s only missing a broken Peugeot for maximum realism. Click the link above to see all the images.

Lego Volkswagen Crafter Tow Truck

Daffy Truck

Lego DAF XF Space Cab NYR

This big block of red and white is a DAF XF Space Cab heavy duty recovery truck, as operated by Neil Yates Recovery. It’s the work of previous bloggee and DAF specialist Arian Janssens and, like yesterday’s DAF model, it’s a remarkably detailed thing. There’s an extensive gallery available to view on Flickr – see more via the link above.

Lego DAF XF Recovery Truck

Tilt ‘N Slide

Lego Mercedes-Benz Arocs Truck

The last four creations posted here have been remotely controlled, thanks to LEGO’s excellent Power Functions motor system, and today’s find makes it five-in-a-row. TLCB debutant Karol Czerwonka’s Mercedes-Benz Arocs recovery truck mixes LEGO’s electric motors and pneumatics systems to create a fully working under-lift and a brilliant tilting and sliding recovery bed.

There’s also functioning steering, a tilting cab with opening doors, and a working piston engine. In fact the only way Karol’s truck could be more realistic is if it included a Fiat on the back. You can see more of the Mercedes on both Brickshelf and Flickr – click the links for the full gallery of images.

Tilt ‘n Slide

Lego Technic Flatbed Tow Truck

This magnificent Technic tilt and slide recovery truck was discovered on Eurobricks, where builder Kevin Moo has engineered a range of stunning functionality from no less than nine(!) Power Functions motors. These include remote control drive and steering, the tilting and sliding of the recovery bed, a working winch and wheel-lift and a motorised opening bonnet. There’s also a V8 piston engine up front, working suspension on all axles and operational headlights.

You can see the full gallery of images at the Eurobricks discussion forum via the link above, plus you can see Kevin’s recovery truck in action via the video below – it looks the perfect vehicle for the inevitable rescue of some of our previously blogged cars – such as this, these, and almost any Peugeot.

YouTube Video:

Battlefield Recovery

Lego M31 Armored RecoveryBreaking down in battle presents problems. The local recovery firm may be a little unwilling to venture out to get you, spare parts might be a bit tricky, and their tow truck is probably on the small side. Thankfully the US military had it covered in World War II with their massive M31 Armored Recovery Vehicle (ARV). Daniel Siskind has recreated the wartime machine beautifully, and you can see more on Flickr.

Thunderbirds Are Go!*

Lego Thunderbirds Rescue

*Not actually Thunderbirds. Our lawyers insist.

Inspired by – but definitely not from – Thunderbirds, is this rather brilliant all-terrain rescue vehicle by sebeus. Not only does it look pretty cool, it’s a mean off-roader too. See the photos and video on Flickr at the link.

Recovery Space

Lego Space Station

The rescue of 6950

Long ago, during the Classic Space era, the exploration rover 6950 was sent into uncharted territory. Communications were lost, and the brightly coloured pioneer was doomed to forever rest in the relentlessly grey landscape of Classic Space. Until now. Chris Melby aka ZeeMasterBrick decided the plight of 6950 was worth action, and in response he built the monstrous ‘Archimedes III’ recovery vehicle you see above. Sadly it looks as though 6950’s original crew all perished, but no doubt they were smiling as only Classic Spacemen can. See more of the recovery on MOCpages and Flickr.