Beer Baron

Lego Beer Wagon Hot Rod Tom Daniels

Legendary hot rod creator and Hot Wheels design consultant Tom Daniel built some amazing vehicles during his illustrious career. This superb Lego recreation of his iconic hot rod the ‘Beer Wagon’ comes from legendary Lego car creator and LUGNuts curator Lino Martins, and it’s his second entry into TLCB Summer Building Competition.

Lego Elven Vomit

Featuring a slew of chromed pieces, bright yellow paint and a monster engine Lino’s Beer Wagon has scored a barrel-load of points in the competition. He earned himself a few bonus points too – having read a potted history of Elven illness, Lino captured the moment a few of our Elves discovered the beer in the back of the truck. Things did not end well, and we have a feeling that the office airhorn may be even more effective than usual today.

You can see more of the Lino’s Beer Wagon and its effect on TLCB Elves by clicking here, and you can read the full competition details, prizes up for grabs and scoring criteria by clicking this link to TLCB Summer Building Competition page.

TLCB Summer Building Competition

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4 thoughts on “Beer Baron

  1. […] Lino is the curator of Flickr’s LUGnuts vehicle-building group with whom we partnered for this competition, so there’s probably a no more deserving community member. You can see more of Lino’s hilarious build via the its original blog post on TLCB by clicking here. […]

  2. Andreas says:

    does anybody have a construction plan , to rebuild this Beer Wagon ?

    It’s awesome……..

  3. […] three things better than two? Engines? Yes. Beer. Yes. Stool legs? Yes. Wings? Er… no, probably not. However, whilst the triplane idea was […]

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