Landing Strip

Lego Landing Strip

Your Mom sent us a picture of her landing strip ages ago but we can’t post that here, so instead here’s a lovely desert airstrip diorama from Flickr’s Sylon-tw.

Not only are Sylon’s plane and chasing roadster works of Lego art, the strip itself is a really smart bit of building – we particularly like the tyre marks from repeated touch-downs. It’s a build well worth viewing – click the link above to fly over to Flickr and make a landing.

5 thoughts on “Landing Strip

  1. Zmasterbrick

    2 things: The fact you stay anonymous is just flat ridiculous, agoraphobic in it’s own way. Secondly, yes your Mom joke was effing hilarious.

  2. Zmasterbrick

    Look I’m just saying think of me as Fartman, a fellow super hero. We usually know each others secret identity. I just saying, after 5 years, it would be nice to know who I’m talking too. BTW, my mom says hello.

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