Landing Strip

Lego Landing Strip

Your Mom sent us a picture of her landing strip ages ago but we can’t post that here, so instead here’s a lovely desert airstrip diorama from Flickr’s Sylon-tw.

Not only are Sylon’s plane and chasing roadster works of Lego art, the strip itself is a really smart bit of building – we particularly like the tyre marks from repeated touch-downs. It’s a build well worth viewing – click the link above to fly over to Flickr and make a landing.

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4 thoughts on “Landing Strip

  1. Zmasterbrick says:

    2 things: The fact you stay anonymous is just flat ridiculous, agoraphobic in it’s own way. Secondly, yes your Mom joke was effing hilarious.

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  2. Zmasterbrick says:

    Look I’m just saying think of me as Fartman, a fellow super hero. We usually know each others secret identity. I just saying, after 5 years, it would be nice to know who I’m talking too. BTW, my mom says hello.

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