Get Forked

Lego technic RC Forklift

We’ve been quite pleased with TLCB Elves recently. Not only have they found lots of tasty Lego creations for us to feature, they’ve beaten the proper blogs to a few of them by days. We’re not always as rubbish as we think we are here!

Sadly the Elves, being violent little turds, can consistently be relied upon to balance out any of their good deeds with something awful.

In today’s awful event, two Elves were found pinned against the office cactus by a (brilliant) remote controlled Technic fork lift, its wheels still spinning furiously as the Elf at the controls tried to drive its colleagues deeper into their spiny green hell.

Upon discovery the demented driving Elf abandoned its find and escaped cackling into the night, leaving us to extract the assaulted Elves and – borrowing an office intern’s eyebrow tweezers – spend an evening removing cactus spines from various Elven body parts. Sometimes we hate working at The Lego Car Blog.

Back to the creation, and it’s almost worth all of tonight’s fuss. Built by Eurobricks’ Kevin Moo it features five Power Functions motors for a variety of functions, and you can see more at the Eurobricks forum via the link above.

Lego Technic Forklift

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