Smashing Smushery!

Sariel APC

It’s a hard knock life being an Elf on The Lego Car Blog staff. You’ve spent a long day dodging stray dogs and seagulls, scouring the world for the finest automotive Lego models and return safely to the office. You sit, happily munching a well deserved Smartie, when one of your “colleagues” smashes into the editorial suite atop the latest Technic Power Functions monster machine. Smushery ensues until the Editor intervenes with Mr. Airhorn.

This 4kg 8×8 armoured vehicle from Sariel adds to the chaos by having a working crane, amongst a load of other motorised functions. There’s also a working gearbox, adjustable ride height, opening doors, propellers and lights. It’s modelled on the WZM Rosomak, as used by the army of Sariel’s native Poland. You can see more views on MOCpages, see what’s hidden under the bodywork on Sariel’s website or just marvel at the video below.

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