Icarus – Picture Special

Lego Technic Icarus Supercar

The Geneva Motor Show has just finished and, as is becoming increasingly common, it was was full of ridiculous supercars with impossible speed and horsepower claims built by companies no-one has heard of. The online Lego community is often much the same with its creations, but every so often a Technic supercar comes along that has the engineering talent to match the bold description by the builder. This is one such car, Madoca 1977‘s incredible ICARUS supercar.

Lego Technic RC Supercar

Powered by four large Technic Power Functions motors, with a Servo motor to steer it and two sets of third-party SBrick’s connected to rechargeable battery boxes, Madoca’s supercar has the performance to match its stunning looks. There’s also four-wheel fully independent suspension, opening doors, hood and engine cover, working front and rear lights, and an adjustable rear spoiler.

Lego Technic Icarus Remote Control Supercar

The ICARUS is one of the most professionally engineered Technic Supercars that we’ve seen in a very long time, and it’s well worth taking a moment to see the depth of skill involved in its creation. There’s a full gallery of images, including details of the chassis and drivetrain, available via the Eurobricks discussion forum – click the link in the text above to join in, and you can watch Madoca’s ICARUS in action via the excellent video below.

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