Race Horse

Lego Ferrari SF16-H F1 Car

What the hell is going on with Formula 1 right now? Oh yes, we remember; corrupt and greedy management are taking the sport apart bit by bit and then wondering why viewing figures are falling. At least Ferrari are finally back at the pointy end of the grid this year to bring some competition to Mercedes-Benz.

Lego Ferrari Formula 1 Car

This stunning recreation of Ferrari’s SF16-H 2016 title challenger comes from previous bloggee Noah_L, and the brilliance of the build is matched only by the beauty of the photography. There’s lots more to see at Noah’s photostream – click the link above to take a closer look, and if you’re wondering how to take images as good as Noah’s you can check out our guide to photographing Lego by clicking here.

Ferrari F1 Car 2016 Lego

1 thought on “Race Horse

  1. Sam the First/Sir.Manperson

    It’s been ages since I last watched a full F1 season. Moto GP and other bike racing is far more exciting. I mean, over taking OUTSIDE THE PITLANE!? What is this witchcraft!? This model is beautiful, btw. Incredible curves, and the front is excellent.


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