Lego Off Road Buggy RC

It’s been quite a peaceful few weeks here at TLCB Towers, with the Elves quietly going about their business hunting for the best Lego vehicles that the web has to offer. Too quietly…

Today, thanks to this epic-looking remote control off-road buggy by Flickr’s Hajdekr, days of pent-up Elven aggression came spilling out as a dozen Elves were mown down in the corridors of the office. With twin motors driving the rear wheels and the mightiest suspension we’ve ever seen fitted to a Lego creation, Hajdekr’s buggy is a seriously effective Elf-squashing weapon. The non-LEGO tyres help too, as the deep tread is the perfect size to embed Elven body-parts.

With the buggy crashed into the water-cooler, and with a trail of Elven hit-and-runs the length of the corridor, the joyous victor abandoned the controls and ran off out into the sunshine. We have a fair bit of clearing up to do, although we are getting quite skilled at glueing bits of Elf back on (mostly to the correct owners too), so we suggest heading over to Flickr to see all the images of Hajdekr’s build via the link above, and we’ll be back later…

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